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My name is Caryl Englehorn, and yes, I speak with Angels.

My last name means Angel’s Trumpet in German. Since childhood, I’ve heard messages from the Angels. Angel Speak was born out of my love for helping others. I offer INTUITIVE READINGS, INTRODUCTION TO ANGELS SESSIONS, and EXTENDED INTUITIVE COACHING SESSIONS to assist you in understanding your life journey through the Wisdom of your Soul.

Angel Speak is a unique kind of support and guidance that is backed by years of training and experience. In our sessions, I combine my natural Intuitive abilities with my Masters in Counseling Psychology, and years of therapeutic training. I hold certifications in:


My blend of skills offers you an unparalleled depth of guidance and support. 

Note: I use the word Intuitive versus psychic. We are all intuitive; it’s our inner GPS system. I have heightened intuitive gifts.


How does Angel Speak work?

Generally, when you schedule an Angel Speak Session, I will ask your birthdate to learn your Numerological Life Path Number and Astrology Sun Sign. These Windows into Your Soul begin our journey, and illuminate who you truly are – your requirements for happiness, your gifts, some of the challenges you are here to learn from, and your career and relationships.

As we begin our session, we will connect to your Angels and guides to deliver insightful and uplifting messages about your life. Then we review your Life Path Number, Astrology Sun Sign, and opportunities present in your Numerological Personal Year. Time allowing, we'll also consult Angel Oracle Tarot Cards to answer your specific questions. Sessions are 1 to 1 /2 hours. Sometimes they run as long as 2 hours. Having said this, these are guidelines, and your Angels and Spirit Guides may have a different idea of how the session will be conducted. Sometimes we must flow with what is present.  

Sessions are illuminating, fun, and supportive. They are conducted at my office at Sonoma Holistic Center, Sonoma, CA, by phone, or by video call via Skype or Zoom.

You’ve got questions, Angels have answers whether you are seeking…


...or a deeper understanding of loved ones & friends

Your ideal career or life purpose

Healing from loss or trauma


Increased self-confidence

Vibrant health


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Angel Speak helps find clarity & direction

Caryl is an angel, a divine messenger. My Intuitive Session with her was amazing. I felt safe and loved in her gentle presence. The information she gave me was spot-on. She has a lovely sense of humor and her generosity of spirit is the reason she’s been entrusted with the gifts to do this work. I left inspired, but most importantly - I finally had clarity about my life’s work.
— Kira C., Sonoma, CA

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